Urban DNA – Celebrates a tradition of innovation in roof engineering. Quality and excellence form the basis of Urban DNA culture.
Urban DNA offers only the highest quality steel materials when supplying a roof for your new home, boasting a diverse portfolio of products that are:

  • Strong, secure and energy smart
  • Australian climate resistant
  • Looks amazing and delivers outstanding long life performance.
  • Suitable for new constructions, repairs and roof replacements.
  • Easy to assemble; light weight and light on your budget.

Urban DNA offers steel tile profiled out of sheets coated with zinc on both sides and covered with several layers of varnish, which guarantees longevity. It is one of the lightest roof materials, which is a big advantage, as it does not require the use of heavy roof truss structure.

Thanks to providing sheets of defined length, the number of wasted material is cut down to minimum and the installation process is one of the cheapest and fastest.

Urban DNA products have guarantee period of up to 25 years.


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Urban DNA offers metal roof tiles that are strong, secure and energy smart, they look great and deliver outstanding, long life performance. Exceptional anti-corrosion performance makes it one of the most advanced and durable building materials in the world.


The German technology behind this material combined with the high quality of the product makes it light, simple to assemble, aesthetic in appearance functional and economical. Metal thickness of 0.5mm core provides additional resistance to mechanical damage. We trust in strength and quality of our product.


Urban DNA supplies only 100% recyclable steel. Due to lightweight, it is cost effective to transport and easy to install. Product is pre-cut to customized measurements to minimise the wastage and reduce impact on the environment. Urban DNA ensures environmental safe work practices on every project from start to finish.


To enjoy your new roof is easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Place your order with us, we will make sure it will be ready within 7 working days.
  2. The product will be pre-cut to customized house measurements, so it will be quick and easy to place those puzzles together.
  3. Enjoy great looking, high quality roof for years to come. It will never go out of date.

We are here to impress, and so can you!

So if you are building a new home, or just planning a roof replacement, there is no better choice than Urban DNA. If you want to see samples of our amazing product please give us a call or leave your details and we will come to you.

Make the right call and contact us today!
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